Sunday, 30 October 2011

YES! This me!!!

Okay...going to back up my bullshit here. So far i only have a few pics of myself and i normally am more comfortable hiding behind my words. Yes, I am a curvy woman living in a Barbie world, although on the smaller end of plus size I have been anywhere between a size 10 to a size 24. Currently I am a size 14/16 and i weigh 187 pounds. SO THERE!!! LOL

Not that my weight or size should be the focus but I try to write things here that are identifiable with most plus sized or curvy woman.

So here I am world!!!

My thanks for those who have taken an interest in my two cents. I am so grateful for your support; especially that of my partner and the man i will soon marry....SCOTT KENDALL (you have been outed hun!). The fact that he loves me in all my curvy glory has been such a boost for my self esteem and confidence overall. I love you! xox

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Heather McAlendin

Friday, 28 October 2011

Goddess Complex?

Do curvy women have a "Goddess Complex"? Of course we do? And why not?
The Mother Goddess; Venus; Danu; Gaia...etc. have always been depicted as females with wide hips; full, lush breasts and curves for days. Why? Because the mother earth/goddess is always connected with birth and fertility. The curvy, female form is what has been used for centuries to depict the beginning of all things so why is it in modern society we are told to be ashamed of our curves or who we are as women?

In many societies (latin, african,mexican etc.) a woman's figure in all it's curvy glory is revered not despised as it is in many places in the Western World. In ancient rituals, the female body was worshiped and sacred rites performed even for menstruation. A fuller figured women with wide hips was thought to ensure a healthy family with many children.

So what happened? When did starvation and a thin, emaciated body become accepted as attractive?  Now I am NOT putting down woman who are naturally thin. They have just as many insecurities about their bodies as we do and many are just as confident and feel well they should. Just being a woman..period..should make you hold your head up high and be proud of who and what you are!

I suppose my main message here is not to preach but to make sure that no matter what size but in this case specifically, a curvy woman should have no reason too be shamed of who she is. If you are treating yourself and your body well; staying healthy; enjoying life and all it has to offer then get out there and shine!

You are a Goddess and as the many millions of Goddess figures before us; do our sex proud and live to be the best you that you can be!

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Heather McAlendin

heather mcalendin 2011

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Plus Size Pin Up Models?

Been doing a bit of scanning around the internet for all things curvy girl and I came across a few websites devoted to plus size pin ups; clothing and rockabilly models. Very cool stuff!

The toil girls are something else. Les Toil is a wonderful pin up artist who devotes his time to creating some lovely images of curvy girls in pin up style clothing and poses. Artists and men like this make me smile! I think it's way pats time that our curves are respected and appreciated as sexy and ultra feminine!

Makes me wonder where all this was when i was a teenager trying to fit into my own plus sized skin?  Now I'm getting too old but I can certainly appreciate the photography and artwork that lifts women up to the goddesses they should be. (any woman...not just the curvy ones!)

I think creativity like this is what will take a woman's self esteem to the next level. What woman does not like dressing up and feeling

I applaud these young woman and models who are taking the steps forward to prove to themselves and the world that we are so much more than a size! Kudos to you!!!

Now if only there were over 40 year old and plus sized pin ups? ; )

Enjoy and keep rocking those curves ladies!

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Heather McAlendin

Friday, 21 October 2011


XoXo Publishing Presents Curvy Women At It's Best(TM) line of fiction!

Romance heroines come in various shapes and sizes; colours; sexual orientations; socioeconomic
backgrounds etc. and we want to share their stories.

Curvy Women At It's Best(TM) stories must have a fabulous, curvy heroine but may or may not have a big handsome man as the hero. Preference at this time is to accept stories where the heroine does NOT
have to lose weight to gain acceptance or a mate.
Health, body and self-esteem issues can be addressed but not as the main storyline.

Curvy Women At It's Best(TM) stories can be in any romance subgenre,
including although not limited to contemporary, historical, paranormal,
mystery, adventure, suspense/thriller, horror, sci-fi, anthology, chick lit,
romantica, erotica, lesbian romances, sweet, comedy, fairies, dragon, medieval, western,
steampunk, cowpunk, historical, fantasy, woman fiction, angelic realm, family, mystery, time travel, etc.

Submissions Guidelines:

Submissions must fully edited.

 XoXo Publishing standard length: Minimum, manuscript must be 25,000 words and no more than 120,000 words in length.
    12 pts Time Roman and Double spaced.
    Be ready to sign a legal and binding publishing contract for three years.

XOXO not a self publishing company. We pay standard royalty per ebook and paperback sold.

Please submit your complete manuscript for consideration include your full name, pen name, correct email address, word count, genre and promotional plan.

Curvy Women At It's Best(TM)

For woman of all ages Where the curvy girl gets her man.

Please inquire:  (Subject line: Curvy Women At It's Best(TM)

Copyright 2011 XoXo Publishing™ a div of Ninni Group Inc.

NOTE: Yes shameless plug...I am a published author with XOXO Publishing. They treat you and your work with professionalism. If you are a writer or dream of being published, take a won't regret it!

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Heather McAlendin

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Teaching Tolerance

Tolerance. What is that exactly? In a dictionary it is described as the following:
a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from bigotry.
Not sure about the permissive thing but I consider myself a tolerant individual (unless I have PMS then I am NOT responsible for my behaviour!)
How about fat tolerance? I personally don't like the word fat as it is normally associated with negativity but for arguments sake we will use it for what I am about to comment on. 

In a day an age of such incredible access to education; information; social media etc., you would think people would think or research before they speak or comment about anyone or anything. Now if a negative statement comes out in the media about racism; religion or even politics the reaction is swift and sure. People stand up on their soap boxes and cry out for justice; a retraction or an apology. Laws are changed to ensure people of every race; religion and belief system have a place to air their grievances; get educated or work placement without fear of reprisal for the colour of their skin or the religion they believe in.

Now what about body image tolerance? Or fat tolerance? Is that just as important?

I suppose it depends on who you talk too. Most people will say body size and shape has no bearing on whether you get a seat on a plane; get the best job interview; get the job...etc...etc...BULL!

Judgement is judgment. We all know of or have heard of cases where people were refused service or were spoken to rudely etc. only because they were a plus size.

I had the experience of going into a higher end bridal shop n the last year only to be told that..."Well considering it's not your first marriage and well....there may have to be alterations considering you are not a sample size; perhaps you'd be more comfortable shopping at another boutique that is "better suited" for you."

WTF???? Firstly, I'm a size 14/16 and while i realize that is NOT a size 0 or 2 I did not realize that if i had the money for alterations that it was that big of a deal to have that arranged. Hmmm..isn't that your JOB as a seamstress or bridal shop????? Secondly, why does it matter if it is my third fourth or my 12th? I am not 19; I work for a living and if I want the most expensive dress in the store then I should damn well be able to buy it or have one made to my specifications!

Okay,...rant over. But i think you get my meaning. I'm considered on the "small" end of the scale for plus sized but I can only imagine a larger sized bride who may not have the self esteem or confidence to stand up for what they want leaving that bridal store in tears and embarrassment.
I think tolerance needs to be taught about many issues and on many levels. Acceptance of others regardless of religion; race; body size; gender; sexual preference etc. should be inclusive. while many say they are tolerant or acceptng....Are they really? Are you? Am I?

I know I am NOT tolerant of bigotry or stupidity on any level. Being plus size or curvy does not equal being stupid, or lazy, or uneducated. Plus size to me means being different and different is and should be acceptable!

Tolerance begins at home where we teach out children that it is not right to make fun of ANYONE! Where we learn it is not right to be rude to someone who may look or speak or act different than we do. That should include not being rude to or making fun of anyone of any size.

In a world where kids are abused; people are starving; companies are downsizing; mother earth is dying of pollution.....Where is the importance of my dress size on the scale at all?

Puts things a bit in perspective doesn't it?

Tolerance is Freedom.....for everyone and anyone. But like anything else it is not to be abused or used for gain. Be honest and forthright and become educated. 

Has anything I have written today made sense? If it has great....if not...let me know! I'll tolerate differing opinions! ( lol)

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Heather McAlendin

heather mcalendin 2011


Friday, 14 October 2011


I know that lingerie strikes fear in the heart of many a curvy girl. Why? Sometimes
it's hard to find something delicious and silky that fits our goddess like curves.

Ladies....take charge and seek and ye shall find! If you are like me, I love
the feel of something a little racy under my clothes BUT...the lacy stuff
had better fit properly!

There is nothing more uncomfortable then wearing lingerie that does not fit! I don't know about you
but a bra wire poking me in the side or a fishing line thin thong digging into spaces they just shouldn't is just NOT sexy.

Lingerie is made to make you feel like the sexy diva you are! So take the time to get the size and style right for you!

There are lots of options these days for plus sized and curvy girls. I have listed only a few below for your shopping pleasure.

Most of all....Have fun with your undies.  Treat your body like the feminine, voluptuous temple it is. Love yourself!!! You deserve it.
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Heather McAlendin

heather mcalendin 2011

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Hey there curvy girls! Have you had your ta ta's checked?? No? Why the hell not?
Breast cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancer's in women. (Don't feel superior...Men can get breast cancer too!)

With early detection, only 3% of diagnosis will end in death. Mammograms and self detection saves lives. So why haven't you gone to get tested again? Scared??? Okay..what is more scarey?  Living with early detection or dying because your pride got in the way. How selfish is pride?

I had a scare last year. I found a painful lump just under my right breast. It terrified me! I finally made an appointment to see my doctor and found out it was only a cyst. Thank goodness for that. But I went and found out for the good of my health and for the peace of mind and respect of myself and my family.

No excuse is a good excuse when it comes to your health. I'd much rather live life with no breasts or a lump removed than die because of sheer laziness or ignorance.

Your breasts are NOT what make you a woman! You make yourself the best woman you can be. That applies to all your body and not just it's singular parts. You are worth the time it takes to get a breast exam. Your life and well being are worth it.

If you are scared, go with a friend or family member. Support is important. But go! Just do it!

You most of all need to be aware of what your breast tissue feels like and looks like. Your partner needs to be aware as well. A large number of lumps are discovers by a husband, wife or partner during sexual activity. Don't be shy about it. If you feel something not right or your partner tells you something does not feel right then pay them respect; pay yourself respect and go get it check out.

Here is a list of some indications you may have breast cancer or an abnormal lump....
  • New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit).
  • Thickening or swelling of part of the breast.
  • Irritation or dimpling of breast skin.
  • Redness or flaky skin in the nipple area or the breast.
  • Pulling in of the nipple or pain in the nipple area.
  • Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood.
  • Any change in the size or the shape of the breast.
  • Pain in any area of the breast.
If you think you may have noticed any of these changes you need to let your physician know.

Take those fab boobies and get them checked out!!!  Tell your mom, your sister and your best friend too!

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Until next time....

Heather McAlendin

Friday, 7 October 2011


I raise my glass to Friday! It's been a long but very gratifying week. My newest ebook has been released by XOXO Publishing and I heard some wonderful news from my publisher that makes me very excited about my writing future (will share when i have more details). Here's a link to the latest publication entitled "Dreamwalker".

I will warn you now, this book is not for the faint of heart. It is graphic in content both sexually and in descriptions of violent, ritualistic abuse. So if you are squeamish, don't say I didn't warn you!!!
My thanks to all the staff and Gina for taking a chance on this piece of work. Your support and appreciation of my work means the world to me!

OKAY.....back to those fabulous curves!!! I had a facebook friend (Julie) forward me a photo and piece of writing that I just needed to repost here. I think it speaks for itself.

"A while back, at the entrance of a gym, there was a picture of a very thin and beautiful woman. The caption was "This summer, do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?"

The story goes, a woman (of clothing size unknown) answered the following way:

"Dear people, whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, seals, curious humans), they are sexually active and raise their children with great tenderness.
They entertain like crazy with dolphins and eat lots of prawns. They swim all day and travel to fantastic places like Patagonia, the Barents Sea or the coral reefs of Polynesia.
They sing incredibly well and sometimes even are on cds. They are impressive and dearly loved animals, which everyone defend and admires.

Mermaids do not exist.

But if they existed, they would line up to see a psychologist because of a problem of split personality: woman or fish?
They would have no sex life and could not bear children.
Yes, they would be lovely, but lonely and sad.
And, who wants a girl that smells like fish by his side?

Without a doubt, I'd rather be a whale."

ME TOO!!! Enjoy your weekend!

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Heather McAlendin

heather mcalendin 2011

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Rant...

I was behind a group of young men (teenagers) not too long ago and heard them discussing girls; a girlfriend to be exact!

"I'm dumping her this weekend."

"Why dude?"

"Look at her man. She's got a fat ass and her legs are to short. I can't bring her anywhere. It's embarrassing!"

I was stunned. For one thing this young man was maybe 16 or 17 years old. For another....Where the hell did this kid get the idea that this was an ok way to talk about a young woman let alone a good reason for "dumping" her?
It saddens me to think of what kind of comments he may have heard or may be hearing at home from his father about his mother.

It's not disrespectful enough to be "dissing" anyone for their size let alone how this young woman's self esteem will be affected if it has not been affected already by such disparaging remarks.

Fathers...What are you teaching your sons?  Mothers...What are you teaching your daughters?

As parents we sometimes forget that we are the first influence that children have. If we allow ourselves to be disrecteded at home then we validate the negativity. We need to build up our children's self esteem so that they can go out into the world and bes ensitive to others and have respect.

Media is not the only influence out there. The seeds of negativity and disrespect can begin at work.

We've all heard someone we know and love make an off colour remark about someone's size....or religion....or clothing choice etc. In order to raise children to be sensitive, caring, accepting adults we have to be that way as well.

Sit down and have a conversation with your kids about self esteem and body acceptance. Show them how to love their own bodies by showing them how much we love and respect ourselves. If we do not tolerate ignorant behavior then our kids are less likely to tolerate it or enforce it.

I can only hope the young lady that those ignorant young men were speaking off has the grace to hold her head high and realize there is someone out there that will love and accept her no matter what.

Man or woman; young or old....We ALL deserve respect. Love yourself just the way you are! You deserve it!

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Until next time....

Heather McAlendin

heather mcalendin 2011

Monday, 3 October 2011


Welcome October and welcome Monday! (I'm trying to be positive here...)

Sorry I have neglected the blog over the last week. We were in the middle of a big move. Finally settled in and things are slowly getting back to normal.

Nothing preachy or profound here today. I did want to say thank you for those who have dropped by the blog and left a comment or followed. It means a lot to know that something I have written rings true for someone other than me.

I am working on a few ideas for the next installment of stay tuned!

So smile! The day goes by quick enough without wasting it on being miserable. (I know...I know, I need to heed my own words here.) Have a good one!

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Until next time....

Heather McAlendin