Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Today is the day...

I have been experiencing some ups and downs both personally and professionally. Not all of is negative, so if that is what you are thinking you'd be wrong.Business is going well and moving forward at the speed of sound. With that comes long hours and stress. The financials are great but the responsibility that goes along with it can be taxing. As a result I have not been treating my body or soul with much kindness. Fast food meals, coffee and excess sugar has taken its toll in the last few weeks. I've put on weight and I feel tired and irritable. Definitely not the best me I can be. The lack of extra fitness of late has compounded some very negative feelings I have about my body.So, I've made some decisions in the last few days. I need to take care of myself or I will be no good to anyone in my personal or professional life.Yesterday I chose more carefully what I ate and drank and did my first yoga workout in a month or so. Today was much the same. I drank more water today as well. I am trying to take small steps to ensure a long, healthy future. Will I be successful overall? I believe any change for the better is a positive thing.Never allow yourself to get caught up in the negativity of your life. I speak from experience when I say its never gotten me anywhere. From time to time I still catch myself venturing into that dark place where we can all go. A place of fear, self doubt and frustration that serves no purpose but to drag our souls down.Today I choose to be better. Tomorrow I hope to better and kinder to myself overall. It all starts with today. I woke up this morning and gave thanks for doing foot in front of the other. Away I go!
 Heather -

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Giving Thanks....

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada so i thought I'd update the blog with a simple yet profound thank you. Why? Because I can and I have an awful lot to be thankful for.
Even when the chips are down and life seems destined to hand you lemons, we have to stop and close our eyes and give thanks.
Here is why.....
I'm a firm believer in life is what you make it. No matter what happens if I live to go to bed at night and rise the next day to try again then all is well. If you have at least one person in your life to whom you make a difference...even if it is a fur baby....than all is well.

So...thank you!

Thank you to my family and the tight circle of whom I call freinds.
Thank you to the universe for showing me the my path to success and self fufillment.
Thank you to the man who is my friend, partner and love of my life. We found each other at a time in our lives when we can appreciate the gift of love.
Thank you to whom I deem to be God, for the strength to carry on when times seem dire and life seem pointless.
Thank you to those who came before me and suffered so that I and all of us can live in this country of freedoms.
Thank you to nameless, faceless others who support the creative aspect of my life and my work as a writer, photographer and all around bohemian!
Thank you to mother nature who allows me to revel in her beauty as she changes seasons.

There is so much to give thanks for.

Find that one thing that you are thankful for and use that to help you move forward into the new day. Life is so worth it and so are you!


Friday, 27 September 2013

Watch what you pray for.....

...because it just might come true!
As some of you know, in the last year or so, my hubby and I made the step of working for ourselves full time. We own a renovation and painting company call Ken Mac Interiors.

Surprisingly enough I find that I truly enjoy the work. I've had to learn quite a bit in a short period of time and being a business owner is not for the faint of heart. It's a hell of a lot of work!  This last two weeks was a nightmare. We had a job that just about everything that could go wrong did. I was seriously starting to doubt my abilities and was under a tremendous amount of was my hubby. Yesterday after coming seriously close to an on the job break down, I started to pray. joke. I needed guidance and was in desperate need of finding something positive in the day...
Less than an hour or so after, we get a phone call that a large renovation company in Toronto wanted us to come aboard as their main sub contractors. YIKES!!! It would mean more expensive insurance...possibly hiring another person to work with us and some serious organization on my part. Not that we aren't busy; we are super busy right now with private work and the work we get from a real estate agent here in the city.
I'm already taking distance education for we could expand in a year into interior decorating but I wasn't expecting to expand our workload only a year or so into the start of our business. It was terrifying to think we'd have to take on more work..more sub contractors...more financial responsibility. To be honest I wasn't sure (and I'm still not 100% sure) I was ready for all this in such a short time. BUT...I take the adage the the "Universe conspire to give you your desires..." and "God doesn't give you more than you can handle."
After some serious discussion with my husband we have decided to jump in with both feet and take on the challenge of growing at this stage. Our goal was to have a successful business and be able to afford to help out our children and purchase a home. All of which is now in the near future because of this little business that could...and is growing...growing...growing.
I may lose all my hair (short as it is) and I'm sure I will have more moments of self doubt but if things happen for a reason that the universe has given us a message loud and clear.....I have to choose to believe we can and will handle what comes our way. I know with my wonderful partner and husband by my side we can do this. It will be stressful and busy and physical and heart wrenching...sweat blood and tears for sure.
So I prayed for something I have to deal with God's and the Universe's answer. Am I ready? Of that I'm not sure. Am I willing to try 100% to accept what I have been given? Yes indeed. Am I scared...YEP!!! BIG TIME!!! A huge step in our lives for sure. But I have faith and sometimes that's all you need to walk forward into the big world put there and accept it is a good thing..a learning experience. It's time to let loose the sails and see where this path is taking me......I'll keep you all posted. MY thanks for the love and support of my Mom, the people that work with us and for us and most of for my husband, Scott. Without him my life would just not be the same. It helps to have a partner on this journey called life; even if it's just for him to give his  hand to pull me up when I fall on my ass!!! LOL
Blessings....Namaste...God Bless...
Prayers can and will be answered......what you do with than answer dictates the path you walk. Mine is leading me too another adventure in this life....
Scared but willing.....


Thursday, 19 September 2013

She's promoting what?

As a writer and sometimes blogger I often peruse other blogs and writers work. Today I came across another full figured writer whose blogs about life as a plus sized woman. I was stunned that a commentary accused her of "promoting obesity". Seriously? It hits a new low point for me when an obviously confident, talented, full figured woman gets hit below the belt. Let's get some fallacies straight.....all plus sized people are not sloppy; unhealthy; unintelligent or promoting anything other than being proud of who they are in their own skin. The fact that me or any full figured person even has to point out these things is sad. In today's society it is still hard to accept that a plus sized man or woman can be highly successful and happy with themselves. Why? I think a lot of it has to be due to fear and assumptions. Society and media sends such negative body imagery how can those receiving the messages not be affected? Stop assuming a plus sized person is pushing anything on anyone except the fact that they have the right to exist and be happy. Just my two cents.....we still have a hell of a long way to go. Heather

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Be the peacock...

What do you think of when you hear the word "Peacock"? I think of a creature who embodies joie due vivre..... colour, confidence and can be as fierce as all get out! Are you a peacock? We all have the capacity to be as colourful and fierce as the imagination can and will allow. At times it is easy to forget that as a child of the universe all doors are open to us, we have but to open one and see what it is behind it. Too often we hide behind the masks used to cover our authentic selves . Why? Comfort is easy...discomfort is a challenge. I'm the first to admit that I allow fear to rule what I do. The only way to change that is to challenge ourselves. Habits, good and bad take at least a month to become engrained in our brains. Is 30 days worth it? Is a better, more truthful lfe worth the time? I say yes. The peacock in us all is begging us to allow it to sashay out in the sun in all its glory. She wants her spirit to be free. You and I deserve freedom of spirit and of self.  How will you free your inner peacock? Let me know. Id love to write about it. Id love to share it with others. Heather (

Monday, 16 September 2013

I has empowerment! Or do I?

One of the main reasons I initially wanted to start this blog was to create an open and honest forum for women of all ages and sizes. I want women to feel empowered enough to go about their lives being their authentic self. How can I be an example if I don't feel empowered? As with many of us I have good and be days and my level of self love goes up and down. Does that mean I can't speak to being a positive energy in the universe? After some thought I truly believe that those of us that struggle with our inner voices; our emotions etc., are best suited to write or speak about the subject. I am a human with many weaknesses and I am also learning to find my strengths. Our duty as sisters of the spirit is too hold each other up and support and praise each other. So I am deciding to put myself out there in order to learn from others and teach what my limited life experience has taught me about life, love and figuring out what and who my authentic self is. We all have something to share. We all have a talent and a voice. Don't keep silent. Don't keep hidden the secrets the universe has taught you. We have safety in numbers and in knowledge. Let's walk this road of discovery together. :-)  Heather

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Wow....a whole year has flown past.

Hard to believe it has been a year since I updated this blog. A whole year???

 OMG!!!! WTF??? A YEAR???!!!!    :/

Things is up and running full swing but it was not necessarily the business I had intended. No clothing or jewellery line but a painting and renovation business with my husband.

Writing has taken a back seat for now. Not because i don't want to write but time just does not seem to be on my side. The creative aspect of what I do is focused for the time being on our work. I  love too write but my brain just not seem capable of going there right now. Perhaps a break is a good thing.?On another note I'm back to school...distance education. I'm studying interior decorating in the hopes of expanding our business in the next year.

As for the "curvesrfab" thing...well let's just say I'm a disaster of my own  making. While I tout body confidence and self affirmations...I am my own worst enemy. The past few months have been up and down in terms of where I am with my own body. Some days I feel great....other days I feel horrible and embarrassed that I can not live up to my own standards.

I want to be this beckon of positive light for those struggling with body issues I just can't at the moment. To be honest I need to do the "physician heal thyself" thing. I lost  15 pounds recently and I'm stronger physically but mentally I come and go with the wind lately. Hard to really pinpoint why. I think being peri menopausal has something to do with it. Other than that a flood of insecurities I have been dealing with since my teen years come back to haunt me often. Back to baby steps once again.

Anyone else feel that way?

Self esteem does not have a size....but I do. And at times I don't like me in my own skin.

Bear with me...we women of size age and identity issues need to stick together. One foot in front of the other.

My thanks for you patience.


PS...I will be making an effort to keep this bloody thing up to date even if it's just a rambling line or two!