Friday, 6 July 2012

You ARE a Goddess....

You don't have to be any size, height or colour to be a Goddess. To me releasing your inner Goddess is all about confidence and positive attitude.

I ancient times (and in present day) a Goddess was worshiped and adored as she was the representative of Mother Earth; Fertility; Love; Mother hood and all things dealing with creation. Women still represent that in the modern world but in so many different ways.

Today i think a Goddess is a woman who is in touch with her sensuality; who is grounded and knows her own sense of worth. She is a business woman, a stay at home mom, a sister, a wife, a partner and a friend. Who knew we as woman had all this inside us and more? ( know it but some time we don't practice what we preach).

We all have a path to take in this life and that path can lead us down many roads. Where the road leads and how you enjoy the journey is totally up to you.

I love this quote....Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. -Buddha

Each morning when we wake up we have to be thankful for the opportunity to enjoy and make the most of a new day. A Goddess walks forward with her head up high and a smile on her face ready to take on the world and share the joy and love she has in her heart. A woman is a born Goddess and should own it and share the knowledge with the woman around her who may not have ventured down that path just yet. 

Yes, we have scars. Yes we all have hurts and past regrets. If you are alive and your heart is still beating then you should take comfort that  you are on this earth for a reason. That in itself is a powerful thing to acknowledge. Let go of yesterday and focus on what you can get out of life today! A Goddess is powerful and so is her energy!

Let us take the journey inward together and find
Awareness, Enlightenment and Love. 
Listen to your Inner Voice...

Open your Hearts and Minds to a New Truth...
~Onah Weh (One Feminine)

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Until next time....
Heather McAlendin-Kendall

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