Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Would you read.......

.....a book with plus size characters in it?

A recent trend in television and in some novels has been to add a token plus size male or female role. What do you think about this? Have we as a society started surpassing the necessity to add "fat" people in books or tv simply for humour or are we treating them with the respect they deserve as true characters?

As a writer, at times it's a balance between what I want as the creator and what the reader wants as the audience. I did write an erotic Christmas story last year and got quite a few negative comments about it. Made me wonder if readers at large (no pun intended) are ready to see plus size people as just that...people with desires; businesses; lust and love lives....etc.

As a curvy woman myself i try and stay on the positive side of most things even at times when i've wanted to just give up writing all together. Do I write for love of the characters and the work or do i write to get into main stream publishing? Hard question at times. I've stayed an indie writer for the most part because i like the freedom even though it can be tough of the pride when sales are small.

Is the world ready for more plus size storylines? Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you...

I am still looking for ideas to write about. If you have something to share or an idea that I and the rest of us curvy ladies out there need to know about, drop me a line at curvesrfab@gmail.com
Until next time....
Heather McAlendin-Kendall

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