Friday, 8 June 2012

Plus Size...Over 40...Happy and Sexy?

I have to admit I never quite thought of myself as sexy at any time in my life....well, not  until recently anyway. Growing up and being overweight in varying degrees since at least 12 or 13 years old I always felt awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin. Typical pre teen and teenage stuff to be sure but I was also heavier than most girls. I was and sometimes still am an emotional eater.

Boys can be cruel so can girls and rejection is tough when you are shy to being with. There were a few brief years in college when i worked out like a maniac and refused to eat anything with calories....which does not leave many options. Was i happy then as a "thin girl" ? NO!

So many people fail to realize that regardless of genetics, emotions and state of mind play a huge role in how we as women feel about ourselves. Weight can, at times play into all of this. Women set a high bar for their species and when we fail to meet the so called "standard" we allow it to affect our self esteem and confidence.

If there is any message I want plus size women to hear out of anything i blab about in this blog is this...."You are a unique, beautiful person who deserves to love and be loved." Now love can include self love. If you don't love and appreciate yourself who else will take the time to see the beauty within and without?

Sounds simple doesn't it? The hardest things to do can be the most simple. So don't fool yourself into thinking your mindset can change over night. Age, sex, size DOES NOT MATTER if you think YOU DON'T MATTER. Educate yourself, take care of the gift that is you and the world will watch you shine! Believe me it has taken me until almost 43 years of age to realize I am a good person, deserving of good things. I'm still learning to surround myself with the people and things that are good for me; want the best for me.
 So if you are a curvy woman; over 40 and still not sure about your place in the world remember that you are NOT ALONE!!!  You should not be surprised to know there are millions of us out there struggling with the same thing everyday. Talk about your struggle; blog about it.....get it out and share it. You'll find another hand willing to grasp yours in every corner of the world. A hand that is willing to help you up and not knock you down.

I am still looking for ideas to write about. If you have something to share or an idea that I and the rest of us curvy ladies out there need to know about, drop me a line at
Until next time....
Heather McAlendin-Kendall

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